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Do You Have A Brochure?

We do indeed. Our current 2017 brochure is now can either drop us an email through our website to request yours, which can be sent as a downloadable PDF or alternatively as a glossy hardcopy via the post. We are also only a phone call away!

How Long Will I Have To Wait For An 'Under The Sun Living' Studio?

All our studios are built to order, allowing each customer to tweak the layout, window-placement etc to their own individual needs. That being said 90% of our studios are ordered, designed, manufactured, delivered & assembled within just 5 weeks. We also offer an 'early-bird discount' for those of you who like to plan and order well in advance.

Am I Eligable To Receive The 'Early-bird Discount'?

We LOVE early-bird orderers...anyone who places their studio order & confirms with their 50% deposit 16 calendar weeks prior to their chosen delivery date receives a 7.5% discount on the listed purchase price... Thats on average a saving of £1,120!

Do You Need To Conduct A Site-Visit Prior To Order?

As a rule we do not conduct site-visits prior to order. This keeps us from driving up and down the country unnecessarily, meaning we can crack on where we are needed. Prior to order we advise and assist via phone and email, using pictures of access & site where necessary. Once you are happy and are ready to place your order, on receipt of your deposit we will then arrange a site-visit normally 7-14 days prior to your chosen delivery dates. Here we will be on-site roughly 20 minutes just to check your base is ready for assembly, measure-up for your electric SWA cable connection & check your electrics are up-to-date and ready to be connected into. This just offers complete peace of mind for everyone involved that there will be no unexpected set-backs during assembly and no additional expenses required to update your current electric set-up in order to comply with building regs.

Will I Need Planning Permission?

Generally speaking no. Garden studios fall under 'permitted development' as an ancillary building, incidental to the enjoyment of the main residence. As long as the studio complies with certain regulations (which our studios do) you are free to install one without any contact with your local planning authority. If you are in an 'area of outstanding natural beauty', 'conservation area' etc you still have permitted development, however there are a few more criteria which have to be met. We are happy to advise where required, and it's always a good idea to have a read through the 'planning portal permitted development guidlines'.

What Does & Doesn't The Stated Price Include?

The prices stated on our website include everything apart from two things. This means it includes the studio itself, along with delivery & assembly (within England & Wales), EPDM rubber roof, insullation, external wall cladding, high-spec internal & external LED lighting of choice, laminate flooring of choice, internally twin-coat plastered walls & ceiling finished with 3 coats of Dulux white emulsion.

The two extras that aren't included in the purchase price are: Your Base, as 90% of our customers either already have a base in place or use a local contractor prior to our arrival. The second being electrical connection of your new studio to your mains electric via steel wire armoured cable. This cost depends on the distance between your new studio and your household consumer unit, which will be measured during your site-visit to allow us to give an accurate quote. About 90% of our customers ask us to undertake the mains connection during the studio assembly. The remaining 10% have a handy friend/relative who undertakes the mains connection. Please note to legally comply with building regs. the electrition who undertakes connection of the studio into you household consumer unit will need to sign-off the installation so will need his/her Part-P always check first.

What Is The Cost If I Choose Under The Sun To Connect Mains Electric To My Studio?

Our in-house Part-P qualified electrician will happily connect up your new studio to your mains electric. Less than 25m from studio consumer unit to household consumer unit (fuse board) is £450. 25m-45m from studio CU to household CU is £650. As standard we use 6mm SWA cable. If you would like to upgrade to 10mm (for example you are using it as a holiday let with electric shower etc) there is a £150 or £250 uplift dedending on which distance bracket you fall into. Occasionally (actually very occasionally, only one to date) our customers current electric setup doesn't comply with current building regs. and needs updating to bring it inline before our electricion will sign it off (This could be your water/gas/oil services aren't earthed). If this is the case there will be an additional charge to bring your setup up-to-date, alternatively we will refund your connection fee and you will need to use a local electrician to complete the mains connection.

How do I Know What Thickness SWA Cable My New Studio Will Need?

There is no need to worry, once we have spoken with you and we know the distance the SWA cable will run along with what the studio will be used for and given us an idea of the electrical equipment that will be used in the studio: heater, electric shower, computer, Tv etc we will then advise as to the correct thickness SWA cable required.

Do I Get A Choice Of Lighting Options And Do I Have To Pay Extra?

You do indeed get a choice, and at no extra expense! We don't like all those 'optional extra add-ons' which are charged as extras when they are really necessaties so we have done our best to incude a bespoke, high-quality finish within the purchase price. That is why we have an 'In Design Brochure' where you can select from over 16 lighting options..all included in the price. Whether you would like chrome ceiling downlights or wall sconces there are options to suit. For those of you who are happy to pay a little extra there are a few more expensive options designed to give a very up-market finish, prices of these are clearly listed.

What Is The Internal Finish On An Under The Sun Studio?

All Under The Sun studios come complete with the following included in the purchase price:

-Twin-coat internally plastered walls (under-taken on site by our experienced plasterer)

-Choice of 4 laminate floor options (10-12mm thickness)

-Walls & ceiling painted in 3 coats of Dulux white emulsion

-MDF skirting throughout painted in Dulux White Satin

-Your chosen internal LED lighting

-Your chosen external LED up&down wall lights

-External overhang LED downlights

-4 x black nickel double sockets (no nasty white plastic)

-Black nickel light switches (for inside & out)

-A 4-way white metal consumer unit (if you would like to upgrade to a 6-way, 10-way etc just let us know and we can issue a quote)

If the question you have in mind is not listed above please do drop us a line via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thankyou.