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New for 2017 'The Aspen' is designed for those who want a dual purpose space. The studio provides a great working space, while the large LED-lit decking area is a fantastic way to maximise your garden usage year-round.

The Aspen boasts heaps of potential, from a high-end holiday-let to a home fitness studio to a garden office. The decking area surrounded by stunning toughened-glass balustrade comes complete not only with LED downlights but also a double external power socket.

As standard the Aspen is designed to be maintenance-free with composite cladding & composite decking included in the purchase price the Aspen really is the ultimate high-end garden studio. For those who love the look of the Aspen but are working to a budget we offer Larch & Western Red Cedar cladding & decking options, please don't hesitate to drop us a message we are always happy to help. 








The Three Aspen layouts

When choosing a garden studio you want to know that the studio you buy not only looks great but provides you with the most functional space possible. That is why we have designed three standard Aspen layouts:


As with our other studios the Aspen comes complete with a choice of laminate flooring, white satin skirting board & Dulux painted walls & ceiling. For an exhaustive list of everything that is included in the purchase price of the Aspen please see the table below.

  • 130mm thick walls
  • 100mm sheepswool insulation throughout
  • 22mm maintenance-free composite cladding (choice of colours available)
  • 22mm maintenance-free composite decking (choice of colours available)
  • uPVC roof fascia to match window & door frames
  • EPDM roofing membrane with 50 year guarantee
  • 12mm plaster-boarded internally
  • Twin-coat plastered internally on-site
  • LED internal lighting of choice
  • LED external overhang downlights & wall lights of choice
  • A-rated, Pilkington double-glazed windows & 2.4m wide, 3-pane, bi-folding door
  • uPVC window & door frames in choice of colour
  • Chrome window & door fittings complete with high-security locking mechanism
  • Choose the size and position of windows & doors at no additional cost *
  • Up to 12mm laminate flooring of choice
  • Dulux painted white ceiling & walls
  • Black guttering & downpipe
  • High-quality black nickel double sockets & light switch as standard
  • 8-way consumer unit
  • External IP65 double socket to decking area
Length / Width Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Overall Dimensions: 3.0m x 4.8m
Studio Dimensions 3.0m x 3.0m
Overall Dimensions: 3.0m x 6.0m
Studio Dimensions 3.0m x 4.2m
Overall Dimensions: 3.0m x 7.2m
Studio Dimensions 3.0m x 4.2m
Overall Dimensions: 4.8m x 3.0m
Studio Dimensions 3.0m x 3.0m
Overall Dimensions: 5.4m x 4.2m
Studio Dimensions 3.0m x 4.2m
Overall Dimensions: 6.0m x 4.8m
Studio Dimensions 3.6m x 4.8m
Overall Dimensions: 4.2m x 6.0m
Studio Dimensions 3.0m x 4.2m
Overall Dimensions: 4.2m x 7.2m
Studio Dimensions 3.0m x 4.8m
Overall Dimensions: 4.8m x 6.6m
Studio Dimensions 3.6m x 4.2m

The above prices include all materials and labour, taking your studio from design to completion. All we require is a flat level base on which to assemble. Where requested we can undertake the base works for an additional cost.

We have an extensive list of optional extras available. It is always best to drop us a message for a personalised quote for any optional extras you may like. The most commonly requested optional extras are:

LED floor up-lights

Up-graded consumer unit from 4ways +

Additional internal/external power points

Electric under-floor heating + touch-screen thermostat

Electric air conditioner/heater/dehumidifier

Partition walls

Internal partition-wall locking doors (ideal for WC’s)

Additional windows/doors